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Timothy grew up in Arizona and began his work in Africa in 1998.  His initial trip was supposed to be a “gap semester” from Bible College.  However, God clearly had other plans as the college closed while he was away.  He decided to extend for a time… and never looked back.  Since then he has traveled across Africa many times, covering more than 200,000 miles by road (and those are African miles!) and many more by air.  He’s made friends throughout the continent and has been privileged to minister in places where the Gospel has never before been heard.  He has worked in South Africa, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Kenya, and Sudan (now South Sudan).  As an ITMI missionary partnering with Frontline Fellowship, he delivered thousands of Bibles, tracts, and Gospel booklets in dozens of different languages. Many of these were taken into villages that only had one or maybe even a small portion of a Bible. Often the Bibles had to be taken through hostile borders where their discovery would have meant imprisonment or worse.   Working often in rural areas (“the bush”), he has been able to work with many incredible, godly people, some of whom walk many, many miles to carry out evangelism and minister to God’s people!

“One of the most rewarding aspects of being a missionary over the last 14 years has been seeing the growth in the people we are working with.  It’s amazing to see people who were brought to the Lord as young men becoming ministers and evangelists.  Seeing people take the lessons that they’ve learned and multiply them by teaching others shows me how the Lord can effectively use His people in Africa.” -- Timothy

Timothy gradually became more and more involved in leadership training.  Through preaching, teaching, leadership conferences, and discipleship opportunities, he began to teach leadership skills, Biblical principles, and much needed practical application techniques to pastors and teachers throughout Africa.  Over the last few years Tim’s heart has gradually shifted toward training and equipping teachers to prepare a godly generation in Africa.  This is his multi-faceted C-2-3 Project, through which he hopes to affect lasting change in a continent of instability.

Ashley’s first African experience in 2001 (short term missions trip to Botswana) showed her the many and diverse needs of the African people.  In 2006 she joined Frontline Fellowship in Cape Town for missions training.  She and Timothy met there, and they were married May 5th, 2007. Because of the physical challenges of life in Africa, Ashley’s calling for the time being is providing food, shelter, and safe medical care for their growing family.  These labors of love have opened up many doors to teach African women and children cleaner, safer, and healthier means of preparing food and overseeing the health of their families.

Monica was born on April 4th, 2008.  By the time she was born she had already traveled through 9 countries and 3 continents.  She is an energetic, imaginative little girl with a love for creativity. She has had several minor health and developmental challenges.  We thank the Lord for His grace in helping her through these without need of serious intervention.

Frederick was born December 28th, 2009.  He is one confidant little boy, who knows exactly what he wants and pursues life whole-heartedly.

Olivia arrived two weeks before her due date on January 21st, 2012.  She is the apple of her Daddy’s eye and the calmest Keller baby in the family.  Monica and Frederick also adore her.

“We thank the Lord for His incredible grace and provision in our lives as we pursue His kingdom here in Africa.  There have been times of great blessing and times of great difficulty- His presence has been deeply felt throughout all of it. Thank you for your prayers!” – Ashley

We would love to come tell you about our ministry, and share the vision the Lord has given us for His work in Africa.  We are greatly encouraged by your prayers and support; we would love to encourage you with stories of the Lord’s protection and provision in Africa.  Please contact us if you would like us to visit your Church, school, or small group.  We have a lot of great pictures and stories, and yes, we can share the… adventurous side of being a missionary too!

Read more about the Keller Family at their Blog or in their Newsletters.

The Kellers are members of Emmanuel Covenant Church located in Phoenix Arizona.  

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